We do not split dishes. For parties of eight or more, gratuity of 18% will be included.  Please, no split checks.

Dessert Menu

Frutti di Bosco
short pastry base filled with chantilly cream, lavishly garnished with an assortment of berries

cream puffs filled with chocolate and coated with vanilla cream

Toasted Almond Cake
layers of sponge cake filled with mascarpone cream and topped with toasted almonds

Coppa 3 Chocolates
combination of silky dark, milk and white chocolate creams presented in an elegant glass

refreshing sorbet served in the natural fruit shell in either lemon or orange

gelato with a creamy center in chocolate, cappuccino, or limoncello

Dessert Platter
made with our best desserts plated specially for the number of people at your table (works best with four or more people)

Ricotta & Pistachio Cake
Ricotta and pistachio creams separated by sponge cake, decorated with crushed pistachios and dusted with powdered sugar.

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"Patrons often describe Ristorante Lucano as one of Rochester's "hidden treasures." Here, the authentic recipes are prepared with heart and feeling, using imported Italian ingredients, crisp vegetables and fresh seafood. The Ristorante Lucano owners are proud of their heritage as well as their cuisine, as is evident in the friendly service and delightful, elegant atmosphere."

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